ngd-detector is an easy to use script that makes it so server owners can put down custom prop detectors OR put zones around existing detectors that they would like to use.  These detectors scan players and play a metal detector sound if they have the configured items in their inventory.  It can also notify nearby police to simulate a building security system (optional).


  • Custom detector prop
  • Configurable/optional police alerts when a detector is triggered
  • Extensive config per detector, which makes it so each one can suit your needs
  • Synced sounds play when a detector goes off
  • Config options to set detectors to ignore certain jobs
  • Ability to use just zones, so you can set detectors up around existing objects
  • Open events that allow you to integrate this with external police alerts/dispatches/whatever else you may need
  • Textures are editable on the detector

Showcase Video


  • OX/QS/QB Inventory