ngd-pacific is an immersive, drag and drop, full featured player owned job script made exclusively for the Fiv3Devs Pacific Bluffs MLO

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  • 44 custom props
  • 32 drinks - All with custom props and tailored native animations
  • 73 new items with included inventory icons
  • In-game drink menu UI

Consumable System:

  • Built in consumable system that makes ngd-pacific a true drag and drop script.
  • Option for progressbar drinking, or a custom mechanic that spawns the drink prop in a player's hand and lets them use the UP arrow to simulate drinking.
  • Highly configurable stats and other options per individual drink.

Bungalow Rentals:

  • Each bungalow is able to be rented for a configurable price and time.
  • Players receive a unique key when the bungalow is rented.
  • Once the time is up, the key is voided and will no longer unlock the door.  The player is also removed from the bungalow.
  • Each bungalow has a unique stash area for players to store items
  • Each bungalow has a beer cooler that 'vends' beer to players.  
  • All money from the beer cooler and room rentals goes to the Pacific society account.
  • Players can only have one rental at a time.
  • Each bungalow has a useable DJ booth.

Vehicle Rentals:

  • Watercraft rentals are available on the beach.
  • Players play a deposit and a rental fee.  The rental fee is deposited in the Pacific society account.
  • Players have a configurable amount of time to return the rental vehicle.  If it is not returned, they will lose their deposit and the vehicle will be repossessed (de-spawned).
  • Players can only have one rental at a time.

VIP Area:

  • Pre-Configured VIP area that only allows players in that have a valid pass.
  • Each pass is registered to that player.
  • Business employees can create and invalidate VIP passes in the Pacific Administrative Area.

DJ Booths:

  • Each DJ booth comes pre-configured to work with the included addon resource (ngd-dj)
  • Custom UI and fully synced sound
  • Each bungalow has its own DJ booth that allows players to play music in each room. 


  • Custom billing system included that checks nearby players and will pop up a prompt to include a price and description of charge.
  • Receiving players can deny or accept payment.
  • Employee that charges customer will get notification if the customer paid or if they declined.
  • Billing logs are available in the Pacific Administrative Area.

Pacific Bluffs Administrative Area:

  • Single location for most resort functions.
  • VIP control
  • Billing logs
  • Security cameras
  • Remote bungalow control


  • 205 pre-configured targetable seating areas.
  • Multiple animations per seat that make each seat semi unique.
  • Each set is able to be configured individually with unique animations.


  • QB-Core/QBOX/ESX
  • QB/QS/PS/OX Inventories
  • Target system
  • Progressbars (configurable)
  • ox_lib or QB menu
  • oxmysql
  • xsound (if using ngd-dj)
  • Fiv3Devs Pacific Bluffs MLO (Script can be used without this, but would take extensive modification in the config to match it to another MLO)

Consumables (All with custom props):